Work In Progress

We are so excited to launch the brand new WOGO collection!  We have a huge goal to outfit widows and orphans with a one-of-a-kind outfit experience. We believe that everyone should feel valued and so much of that comes through clothes. You feel confident, and when you feel confident it could be a huge game changer for you, set you apart in your work field, at school, in daily life. We believe every person should have the ability to feel and express their personal style through their outfit.

So Collin Low created WOGO. Taking on the commission to “care for widows and orphans” while providing for his family. 

An unheard of 15% of all sales will go towards a found to gift our Outfit Experience to widows, single mothers with husbands that have been unfaithful, orphans, and displaced children.


  • Carol Hyde

    P.S. I’m wearing my new clothes to the widows banquet tonight. Thanks again, Carol

  • Carol Hyde

    On Dec.10 2018 I attended my first widows banquet at the Chickasaw Center. It was hosted by H2O church, I won one of 5 gift certificates given by WOGO Apparel.. We went to Stage and I got to chose a complete outfit.. They took pictures while I shopped and when I tried everything on. I got a beautiful sweater, three pairs of pants, shoes and a nice gray jacket. I am thrilled. and will certainly tell everyone what a great program this is and how courteous the people are. Please visit their shop. Thanks, WOGO, Carol Hyde

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