This is WOGO

WOGO Apparel is a fashion brand that exists to outfits widows and orphans in distress. 15% of all sales go toward the mission. Change your wardrobe, change the world.

"In James 1:27 the Bible calls us to help widows and orphans," says WOGO founder Collin Quinn Low. He saw this need first hand when his parents chose to adopt his youngest brother and he has since had a heart to help children who have been displaced from their homes because of parental neglect.

Growing up as a youth pastor's son, Collin saw up close and personal the effects of being widowed through the ministry work his parents did in the local church. Collin says, "These mothers who are widowed because of their husband passing or being unfaithful to the family work so hard, and most everything they earn goes to their children. We want to do something for them in return and we believe a new outfit for the widow is a perfect gift."

WOGO will carry out the mission of outfitting widows and orphans through our Outfit Experience. We will be working with shelters, CASA's, and other programs and individuals to find widows and orphans to outfit. We will gift the widow/orphan with a brand new outfit and let them know that they are valued, they are not alone, and that they are loved. 

When you wear WOGO you make a difference.